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Python Library & Command Line Tool to Transmit RF Signals via CC1101 Transceivers


$ pip3 install --user --upgrade cc1101

On Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS, dependencies can optionally be installed via:

$ sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends python3-spidev

Wiring Raspberry Pi

Connect the following pins directly:

CC1101 Raspberry Pi
VDD 3.3V (Pin 1 or 17)
SI MOSI (Pin 19)
SO MISO (Pin 21)
CSn CE0 (Pin 24)
SCLK SCLK (Pin 23)
GDO2* Any GPIO pin, commonly GPIO25 (Pin 22) [1,2,3]
GDO0* Any GPIO pin, GPIO24 (Pin 18) recommended
GND Ground

No resistors required. Connection of pins marked with * is optional. GDO2 stays "high until power and crystal have stabilized" (see CHIP_RDYn in docs). GDO0 is used by .asynchronous_transmission() for data input.

If some of these pins are already in use, select a different SPI bus or chip select: (permalink)

Raspberry Pi GPIO docs:



See examples.

import cc1101

with cc1101.CC1101() as transceiver:
    transceiver.transmit(b"\x01\xff\x00 message")

In case CC1101 is connected to a different SPI bus or chip select line than /dev/spidev0.0, use CC1101(spi_bus=?, spi_chip_select=?).

Command Line

$ printf '\x01\x02\x03' | cc1101-transmit -f 433920000 -r 1000

See cc1101-transmit --help.


In case a PermissionError gets raised, check the permissions of /dev/spidev*. You'll probably need sudo usermod -a -G spi $USER, followed by a re-login.

Consult CC1101's offical docs for an in-depth explanation of all options: