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pySwitchbot Build Status

Library to control Switchbot IoT devices

Obtaining locks encryption key

Using the script scripts/ you can manually obtain locks encryption key.


$ python3 MAC USERNAME
Key ID: xx
Encryption key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Where MAC is MAC address of the lock and USERNAME is your SwitchBot account username, after that script will ask for your password. If authentication succeeds then script should output your key id and encryption key.


  • WoLock

    import asyncio
    from switchbot.discovery import GetSwitchbotDevices
    from switchbot.devices import lock
    async def main():
    wolock = await GetSwitchbotDevices().get_locks()
    await lock.SwitchbotLock(wolock['32C0F607-18B8-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx'].device, "key-id", "encryption-key").get_lock_status()