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docker: gitolite 💾 🐳 🐙

OpenSSH server with Gitolite command filter including support for git-annex

$ sudo docker run --name gitolite \
    -v gitolite_ssh_host_keys:/etc/ssh/host_keys \
    -v gitolite_data:/var/lib/gitolite \
    -p 2200:2200 \
    -e GITOLITE_USER_PUBLIC_KEY_someone="$(cat ~/.ssh/id_*.pub)" \
    --read-only --cap-drop=ALL --security-opt=no-new-privileges \

$ ssh -p 2200 -T git@localhost
hello someone, this is git@hostname running gitolite3 3.6.11-2 (Debian) on git 2.20.1

 R W	gitolite-admin
 R W	testing

$ git clone ssh://git@localhost:2200/gitolite-admin.git

$ git clone ssh://git@localhost:2200/testing.git

sudo docker may be replaced with podman.

Pre-built docker images are available at (mirror:

Annotation of signed git tags docker/* contains docker image digests:

Detached signatures of images are available at (exluding automatically built latest tag).

Docker Compose 🐙

  1. git clone
  3. docker-compose up --build