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Reverse EncFS 🐳

Provides an EncFS-enciphered view /encrypted of volumes mounted in /plain

docker run --rm -it --device /dev/fuse \
    -v plain-data1:/plain/foo:ro \
    -v plain-data2:/plain/bar:ro \
    -v encfs-password:/secret \
    --cap-add SYS_ADMIN --security-opt apparmor:unconfined \

Optionally add --network none

Or simply run docker-compose up


A random password will be generated and stored in /secret/password.

Set the env var $ENCFS_PASSWORD_LENGTH to change its length.

Access encrypted data

Add -v /somewhere:/encrypted:share to mount the encrypted view of /plain/* into the host filesystem.

You may need to disable user namespace remapping for containers (dockerd option --userns-remap) due to .